Live: Kforum & Bureaubiz: Top Mobile Video Trends

February 24, 2016 / 04:29 PM
  • Marta Karolina Olsen
    Head of Networks
Is mobile and video the perfect match for corporate communication and marketing? Go on a tour through the trends in corporate mobile video with Head of Networks at Kforum, Marta Karolina Olsen. 

    Learn how to:
  • Be at frontier of the latest trends in video
  • Apply video in your Corporate Communication and Marketing
  • Great tips for getting ahead with professional mobile video

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6 Major trends that matter now in Mobile Video

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Think about how you create your videos searchable!

It's alright to do vertical mobile videos!

Multi dimensional formats of story telling

Showcase your products using mobile video!

Did you know? 2016 is the Year for the Mobile Video

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